Manipulating with media is crucial for any party. For a new party - it's a question about life or death.
 The main battleground in politics is according to various surveys the media. But not ANY media. For example, some 20 years ago the newspapers were one of the most influential channels. Not anymore. Their impact on voters behaviour has diminished dramatically and basically it doesn't matter whether you're in some left-wing newspaper or Mickey Mouse comic book. (Comic book is of course better.)   

As the voter usually doesn't rationalize his/hers behaviour, he/she needs emotions. Therefore you still need TV. Your posters and prints don't interest anybody unless they have seen your TV-ad first. Presenting yourself in TV has the basic emotional impact on the viewer (=voter). Be there. Do that.

Our guy and his emotions on TV.

Many claim that social networks and social media has radically changed how politics has been made. It has not. Politics is still politics. The advantages of social media is not so much distribution of your information but rather the possibility to connect your voters. The best ad a party can have is when one guy tells something good about you to the other fellow. Therefore it's not so much about you being online but rather how to put people to talk about you. For that you need cool videos (no more than 0.40), online games, funny polls with prizes etc. 

But what counts the most in online media are the headlines. Here some examples:


And of course you can always be in some radio show. That is if you don't care about power.

Great tool for any communication is press conference. Ours was held in Radisson SAS Hotel. 

Press conference

Interview to one of the journalists. This guy was really upset and wrote several angry pieces about us. This was the best advertising one could get. 





Edicy - ehita koduleht!