Massive interest in Prague

So our team left Prague today, pockets full with business cards. The selling campaign of "Unified Estonia" franchise was hugely succesful. 
Prague was a terrific host for "Unified Estonia". Something we started five years ago continues now all over the world. "Unified Estonia" is like a good virus: everybody gets it. And soon it is your turn.

Often our talks were held in front of The Leader. This helped a lot. Note the technique of our franchise-seller: she squeezes folks into the chair, so they cannot move and have to listen to her. The same technique is often used also in conversations with the voters. This lesson was for those two for free, and it seems that they rather enjoyed it. Who doesn't?

Those guys used the good old "bad cop, good cop" technique. The male person on the right acted as bad cop, threatening the lady (from Netherlands) with what politics is and that nothing can probably be saved. Then the female person on the left entered the game. Her assignment was to give hope. And so she did. Look how relieved the lady from Netherlands feels now. Later she returned and bought our know-how on visual media and manipulating with emotions. Good choice!

Now this is an ancient technique which has seen a little facelift by "Unified Estonia". Basically all you have to do is to show publicly middle finger to politicians and say: "Fuck politics, it's about people". Workshops on that technique were also held in our box. With great success as you can see.

As Prague Quadriennial is mostly for artists, but also for intelligent people, there were several left-wing guys who at first tried to oppose our aims. A typical conversation was held also with this fellow (from UK).
We: "Are you happy with your government?"
He: "Who? Me? With Cameron? Come on, this elitist pig."
We: "Exactly."
He: "Say what?"
We: "You have to take power yourself."
He: "No, man. Power corrupts. Power sucks. Power mechanisms are violent."
We: "Yes, they are. Are you happy with your government?"
He: "Come on!"
We: "Exactly. There is no other possibility. YOU have to take power. Otherwise people suffer. Do you want people suffer?"
He: "No, I love people. I hate to see them suffer."
We: "Exactly. So first thing: your slogan has to be "No immigrants!""
He: "But I love immigrants! I want to say "yes" to them!"
We: "So do we. Immigrants are cool. But if you want that people don't suffer, you have to take power. If you want to take power, you have to say "No immigrants!""
He: "Oh... man... this is not really nice... But I guess..."
We saw at least 20 of those "But I guess" moments. Those were the turning points. This guy is photographed here 14 minutes after our talk began. He has totally changed his mind. The record for our "bad cop" was 8 minutes.

Little laughter always helps. You cannot really argue when the other person laughs. This is a great technique in TV debates. First make other guys angry, so they start to argue and think and be agressive. All you have to do now is be happy and smile. Then the others look really really ridiculous. People like smiling people much more than thinking people. Here you can see our "Unified Estonia" workshop on smiling and laughing as tools for manipulating with masses. Look at the fellow! He also smiles!

Coolness is with crucial importance! You have to be emotional, but as soon as all the others are emotional, you have to be cool. Hands like this is a great technique to show yourself cool. This is a lesson we took from Mr Obama. Thanks, Barack!

Typical afternoon. 15 minutes talking and four business cards.





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