Polls are a very important tool for your new party. How to use polls in your favour? Learn more and click "Read more".
Polls are a essential tool for a new party. When starting a new party you will never be taken seriously from the day one. Even if the voters like your party, they don't admit it publicly and might even feel ashamed. You are unknown and people don't like to bond themselves with something unknown. The crucial change is the very first poll where your party's popularity is over the electoral threshold. For example, if in your country the minimum share of the vote which a political party requires to secure any representation is 5%, then the popularity of your party has to be 5% or a little bit more. As soon as you have achieved that goal everything will run its course. You are legitimate now. People will no longer feel ashamed for supporting you and your party's popularity will rocket. 

Of course it is not easy to get those first 5%. Therefore you have to find somebody who will do an inside job for you in some polling firm. Find somebody who is either your relative or supports your ideas. Sure you can find some unhappy sociologist working there who is very critical with the government. Ask him/her to replace the usual poll questions like "Do you support Party A" with questions like "Do you also feel that the government has fucked with your dreams?". 

If that doesn't work (but it will) ask him/her to trick with the polling system. For example, usually only the opinion of those will be taken into account who definitely go voting. Ask your guy for inside job to take into account also the opinions of those who are not certain if they will participate in elections. Those are usually more unhappy with the existing political system and are therefore also the ones who will vote for you. And voila: 5% threshold is in your hands.





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