"Unified Estonia" in Prague

Dear friends,

"Unified Estonia" has been invited to the Prague Quadriennial. Our project will be presented in the Topič Salon (Národní 1010/9). We will be open June 18 to 28, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and June 19, 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. From June 18 to June 20 members of our party will be present as well. If you are interested how to take power in your country, come and see.

Contemporary political theatre is a common thing. It asks dangerous questions, goes directly to the audience, provokes, etc. But it still remains theatre. Everything happens in a black box. There are the spectators and there are the performers. And somewhere there is also politics. Sometimes the performers go outside and perform in old factories or on the streets. But it is still “theatre”. 

The project Unified Estonia is unique in terms of its approach to actual political issues since it was never treated only as theatre. It was treated as a real political force. The boundaries between reality and fiction were blurred when theatre started copying all the mechanisms used by real politicians. For two months all of Estonia was convinced that Theatre NO99 was about to assume power. Polls said that the new party created by this theatre company would take 25% of the votes if they were to run in the parliamentary elections. And so they decided to cross the border and become real. 

The theatre used all forms of political manipulation in order to create a new reality: larger than life promises, political ads on the streets and on TV, viral video lectures about politics, provocation, interviews on TV and radio shows etc. Theatre was everywhere in the media, using the media at the same time for its own purposes. The boundary between reality and fiction was crossed and what used to be theatre was now pure politics, taken for real by the mass media and citizens alike. Theatre was no longer in its usual “space”, but captured completely new spaces – streets, newspaper headlines, TV studios and the lobby of Parliament. Theatre was no longer merely performing. It was real now. The press was eager to print everything they did or said. The project culminated with the convention of the Unified Estonia movement on May 7th 2010 attracting more than 10,000 viewers. It was one of the largest theatre events in contemporary Europe. 

The project Unified Estonia takes theatre to the streets, media and politics. The political issues that NO99 dealt with five years ago are neither local nor temporary. They are still there and even more so. The decline of democracy and the rise of populism can be seen throughout Europe. Unified Estonia can also be repeated today. And it will be repeated. Come, and we will show you how.





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